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Contributions to HikaNation

Memos, newspaper articles, photos, etc., received are listed below (left column).

The scanned versions (middle column) have been or will be added to
various places on HikaNation or The Progression of HikaNation (right column).

Contact me via e-mail if you have more to be added to the website
or if I have forgotten to list your contribution below.

Received Processed
(Scanned or other)
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William Ewart:
photos, memos, news articles, etc.
scanned from early 2000's to present;
from dial-up to broadband
HikaNation, early 2000's
HikaNation, currently
Scott, pre-internet:
60 of Scott's shots
scanned in the early 2000's 60 of Scott's shots
and link on main page
Randy Blymire: HikaNation Archives His website went off-line in 2007. Randy's HikaNation Archives
Various people, August 2013:
Doug Marshall's Reunion/BBQ, including:
Toni Martinazzi, Janet Hartowicz-Parsons,
Doug Marshall, Ed Synder, Lyle Bialk,
Tish Butcher, Scott, Paula Guerrein, etc. :
photos, articles, memos, etc.
scanned from
August 2013 to present
added to various locations
Scott, August 2013:
HikaNation Memorial Video Tribute
Scott uploaded this to Vimeo
& allowed me to link to it
HikaNation Memorial Video Tribute
and link on main page
Janet Hartowicz-Parsons, late 2013:
HikaNation photos,
2011 reunion photos,
2013 reunion/bbq photos
Janet sent cds containing photos,
added to website 2013-2014
Janet's HikaNation photos ,
Janet's 2011 reunion photos ,
Janet's 2013 reunion/bbq photos ,
and link on main page
Paula Guerrein, late 2013:
HikaNation photos (Marce's)
Paula sent cds containing photos,
added to website 2013-2014
Marce's HikaNation photos
("original set")

and link on main page
Kurt Burke, 2013:
HikaNation slideshow
Kurt uploaded this to the internet
in ?? & allowed me to link to it
Kurt's HikaNation slideshow
and link on main page
Jim Lambert, date ?:
newpaper articles
scanned HikaNation in the news
Billy Higgins, October 2013:
photos of Oark General Store, Arkansas
scanned by Steve Kite Oark General Store
Toni Martinazzi, November 2013:
HikaNation trail photos
scanned The Hikers, Toni's page
Shirley Hearn, 2013 or 2014:
2000 reunion photos
Shirley sent either cds or photos,
added to website 2013-2014.

Rescanned & substituted 9/4/2015
Shirley's 2000 reunion photos
and link on main page
Dave Backus, late 2013 or 2014:
memos, newspaper articles

slides of 1986 reunion,
photos of 2000 reunion

scanned articles 2014

scanned slides September 2015
scanned photos September 2015

added to various locations

October 1986 reunion slides
May 2000 Reunion Photos
Unknown, date ?:
Octorber 1986 reunion photos
scanned October 1986 reunion photos
Rich Warnick, February 2015:
HikaNation photos
digital copies received from Rich;
added to website in February, 2015
Rich's HikaNation photos
and link on main page
Paula Guerrein, early July 2015:
HikaNation photos (Marce's)
scanned in early July, 2015 Marce's HikaNation photos
("additional set")
Paula Guerrein, late July 2015:
A mix of around 40 memorandums,
newspaper articles, letters, etc..
scanned in late July, 2015 added to various locations
Scott, late July 2015,
digital items listed below:
newspaper articles uploaded & added in August 2015 added to various locations
black and white hiker portraits
sepia hiker portraits
scanned in the early 2000's 60 of Scott's shots
photos from his slideshow uploaded & added in August 2015 Scott's HikaNation photos
various reunion photos, 2013 & earlier   2013 & earlier reunion photos
Reese F. Lukei, Jr., late July 2015,
Virginia HikaNation coordinator sent:
Organizational correspondence for
Kentucky, Virginia, Hollins College,
Shenandoah National Park, etc.
scanned 8/1,
uploaded & added 8/4-8/7
added to various locations
Photos and slides from 2000 reunion scanned & added 9/5/2015 Reese's May 2000 reunion photos
Lyle Bialk, Paula Guerrein,
Tish Butcher, Scott
, date ?:
2011 reunion photos--Lyle
2013 reunion photos--Lyle
2013 reunion photos--Paula
2013 reunion photos--Tish
2013 reunion photos--Scott
uploaded & added August 2015 Lyle's 2011 reunion photos,
Lyle's 2013 reunion photos,
Paula's 2013 reunion photos,
Tish's 2013 reunion photos,
Scott's 2013 reunion photos
Ryan Bozis:
Paintings and Drawings:
Landscapes, Still Lifes,
Portraits of People, Pets and Places
added September 2015 Artwork by Ryan Don Bozis
Mike Collins, September 2015:
Mike's HikaNation slideshow
added 9/22/2015 Kelty Mike's HikaNation Slideshow
& link on HikaNation
Paula Guerrein, Scott, September 2015:
September 2015 reunion meeting videos:
Janet intro, Paula's, Scott's, Photo Shoot
extracted and added 9/23/2015

2015 reunion meeting videos
& links on HikaNation
Janet Hartowicz-Parsons, Tim Ernst,
Paula Guerrein, Scott, Terry Ernst,

September 2015:
2015 reunion photos--Janet
2015 reunion photos--Paula
2015 reunion photos--Mike
2015 reunion photos--Tim
2015 reunion photos--Terry
2015 reunion photos--Scott

added Janet's 9/26/2015
added Paula's 9/27/2015
added Mike's 9/30/2015
added Tim's 10/7/2015
added Terry's 11/01/2015
added Scott's 1/17/2016

Janet's 2015 Reunion photos
Paula's 2015 Reunion photos
Mike's 2015 Reunion photos
Tim's 2015 Reunion photos
Terry's 2015 Reunion photos
Scott's 2015 Reunion photos
Ed Synder, Scott, Tim Geoghegan,
September 2015:
2015 reunion hike photos--Ed
2015 reunion hike photos--Tim
2015 reunion hike photos--Scott

added Ed's 9/30/2015
added Tim's 10/6/2015
added Scott's 1/17/2016

Ed's 2015 Pre-Reunion Hike photos
Tim's 2015 Pre-Reunion Hike photos
Scott's 2015 Pre-Reunion Hike photos
Terry Ernst, September 2015:
Butch's HikaNation slides (~370)

Rex's HikaNation slides (~190)

scanned 9/30-10/3;
added 11/04/2015
scanned 10/4-10/5;
added 04/04/2016

"Butch's" HikaNation photos

Rex Halfpenny's HikaNation photos
Janet Hartowicz-Parsons,
September 2015:
14 newspaper articles
added 12/30/2015--01/01/2016 added to various locations
Tish Butcher & Paula Guerrein,
late October 2015:
35th Anniversary Survey answers
10/30/2015 & ongoing HikaNation Reflections -
35 Years After the Hike

Reese F. Lukei, Jr.,
November 13, 2015:
Slides from HikaNation,
Virginia to the Atlantic Ocean
scanned 11/14--11/15/2015;
added 11/18/2015
Reese Lukei, Jr.'s HikaNation photos
Reese Lukei, Jr.'s HikaNation Slideshow
late December 2015:
edited versions of 2015 reunion &
2015 pre-reunion hike photos taken by
Ed, Tish, Tim, Janet and Scott
added 1/14--1/17/2016 Additional 2015 HikaNation Reunion
and Pre-Reunion Hike photos
Paula Guerrein,
mid February 2016:
newspaper articles, photos, videos, etc.
scanned & added 2/18--3/3/2016 added to various locations
Bruce Ohlson,
early April 2016:
3 scrapbook albums with newspaper articles, memos, photos, etc.
scanned 4/1--4/5/2016;
added 4/15--5/4
added to various locations &
Bruce's HikaNation photos &
HikaNation Memorabilia
Tim Geoghegan,
April 30, 2016:
scanned slides 5/7 - 5/9, 5/13, 5/16  
HikaNation slides added 5/19 Tim's HikaNation photos
AHS 1981 Summer hikes slides
(retracing some of the HikaNation route)
added 5/20 Tim's AHS 1981 Summer-Hikes photos
scrapbook album/materials scanned 5/21 - 5/22;
added 5/24 - 6/4
added to various locations
HikaNation reunion photos added 6/3 10th Anniversary HikaNation Reunion &
HikaNation Gathering 1990
Paula Guerrein,
May 14, 2016:
videos with Jim about HikaNation
uploaded to youtube and to website Interviews with Jim Kern
Alden Olmsted,
September 18, 2016:
16mm films by John Olmsted, digitized by
the California Academy of Sciences
added 9/18 &
summarized 10/1-10/12
HikaNation Films by John Olmsted
American Hiking Society,
October 2016:
John Stout's 2 scrapbooks and misc materials, and AHS (or Postum's) scrapbook
scanned Stout's 2 scrapbooks, 11/4--11/5;
scanned AHS scrapbook, 11/9--11/12;
scanned Stout's misc materials, 11/15.
added to various locations
Jim Kern,
December 2016:
various memos, letters, articles
started adding 12/06/2016 added to various locations
Hiking Trails for America:
video for 2020 HikaNation reunion,
video "A Handshake Across America"

added 2 short videos 3/17/2017
and 3/22/2017

HikaNation reunion update for 2020
HikaNation - A Handshake Across America
Kimberly Allen Capps,
June 19, 2017:
"Hike With Us" banner and photos
added banner and photos 6/22/2017 Kimberly Allen Capps' HikaNation photos
Jim Lambert,
June 30, 2017:
misc HikaNation photos
added photos from cd 7/30/2017 Jim Lambert's HikaNation photos
Rich Warnick,
August 1, 2017:
interactive map of the Utah route

added to the HikaNation main page:
link and photos of Rich Warnick's
interactive map of the Utah route
HikaNation main page
HikaNation 1980 Backpack Route - Utah
HikaNation Utah ArcGIS Online "story map"
Cindy Burke & Janet Parsons,
August 2017:
photos from the 2017 BBQ-Reunion
added Cindy's & Janet's photos from
the 2017 BBQ-Reunion 8/07 & 8/10
Doug & Janet's HikaNation BBQ-Reunion
Backpacker magazine,
November 1, 2017:
articles and editorials related to HikaNation
created a consolidated list of HikaNation articles from Backpacker magazine
(articles previously added to the site)
Backpacker magazine's HikaNation articles
American Hiking Society,
November 2, 2017:
memos and newsletters, etc.
created a consolidated list of memos, etc., from the AHS and related organizations
(articles previously added to the site)
American Hiking Society
Memos, Newsletters, etc.
Paula Guerrein & Bill Kemsley,
October 23, 2017:
Interviews with William Kemsley, Jr.
by Paula Guerrein, October 2017
added 4 videos of HikaNation related interviews; uploaded to website and to youtube October 2017 Interviews
with Bill Kemsley by Paula Guerrein
Gudy & David Gaskill,
October 25, 2017:
memos, articles, letters, etc.
scanned and added various materials
starting 10/25/2017
added to various locations
Paula Guerrein,
December 15, 2017:
award articles added for Reese Lukei, Jr.
added "Hulet Hornbeck Lifetime Service Award" and "Reese F. Lukei, Jr. Raptor Trail" articles The Hikers - Reese Lukei, Jr.
Janet Hartowicz-Parsons,
January 22, 2018:
video of Shellie singing at
Doug's HikaNation BBQ, August 4-6, 2017
added Janet's video of Shellie singing at
Doug's HikaNation BBQ, August 4-6, 2017
to various places
The Hikers - Shellie Newell &
Doug's HikaNation BBQ-Reunion &
HikaNation on Facebook
Various contributors,
January 27, 2018:
various news articles, memos, etc., concerning the United States Department of the Interior - Heritage Conservation and Recreation Service
created an incomplete, consolidated list of articles, referencing the United States Department of the Interior - Heritage Conservation and Recreation Service United States Department of the Interior
Heritage Conservation and Recreation Service - HikaNation articles
William Ewart,
January 31, 2018:
Department of the Interior and Related Agencies Appropriations Hearings for Fiscal Year 1981
added the Congressional Hearings related
to HikaNation and the DOI-HCRS
Congressional Hearings webpage
William Ewart,
February 1, 2018:
California Assembly Bill to close the
San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge
for HikaNation
added original and amended versions
of the bill
Closure of the
San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge
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