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American Hiker Magazine
Remembering HikaNation: 30-year reunion

(article courtesy of Janet Hartowicz-Parsons)
Backpacker magazine: September 2000
HikaNation: 20-year reunion
Backpacker magazine: "Hikers needed"
(article courtesy of Jim Lambert)
The American Hiking Society News
(article courtesy of Jim Lambert)
"Bay Bridge: They're Off and Walking"
(article courtesy of Jim Lambert)
"HikaNation Fever--It's Spreading"
(article courtesy of Jim Lambert)
The Owego Shopper
"Hiking through America the Beautiful"
May 14, 1981, Cindy and Marce
"Last Tired Leg Of a 4,500-Mile Hike"
March 2006 article about Marce Guerrein:
"From Pacific to Atlantic in 15 months--On Foot"
"A strange and wonderful hike across America"

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