August 7, 2015

Memos, newspaper articles, etc., received from Reese,
the HikaNation coordinator for Virginia,
are listed below (left column). Thank you, Reese!!

The scanned versions have been added to
various places on The Progression of HikaNation (right column).

More contributions ( articles or photos,  etc. ) are always welcome: e-mail me.

Received from Reese Lukei, Jr.
late July 2015
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Transcontinental Hike
Information Sheets/Packet
(scanned slightly different versions
than ones previously added,
plus a "trip preparation" list)
Information Sheets
November 1979
HikaNation Virginia No. 2
Missouri into Illinois update
January 16, 1981
HikaNation Virginia No. 2
Determined Coast-to-Coast Hikers
Will Reach Kentucky This Weekend and
Kentucky Department of Tourism, Travel Release
January 31, 1981
HikaNation Virginia No.3
Illinois into Kentucky update
February 1, 1981
HikaNation Virginia No.3
HikaNation Virginia No. 4
Kentucky update
February 15, 1981
HikaNation Virginia No. 4
HikaNation Virginia
Special Notice to Virginia Planners
Kentucky Route into Virginia
February 20, 1981
HikaNation Virginia
Special Notice
NPS: Appalachian Trail Project Office
Memorandums(2) concerning
HikaNation traverse of Virginia
February 5 and 20, 1981
2 Memos
The Shenandoah Project
"Let Us In"

9 or 10 letters concerning the worries
various people had about HikaNation and
the use of the AT and Shenandoah National Park
The Shenandoah Project
HikaNation Virginia No. 5
Virginia entry update
& Letters to the Media
March 1, 1981
HikaNation Virginia No. 5
HikaNation Virginia No. 6
HikaNation enters Virginia (on 3/8) update:
March 18, 1981
HikaNation Virginia No. 6
HikaNation Celebration (1-year)
Hollins College, Virginia
April 11, 1981
HikaNation Celebration (1-year)
HikaNation Virginia No. 7
Hollins College & Snowstorm update
April 14, 1981
HikaNation Virginia No. 7
NPS: Appalachian Trail Project Office Memorandum:
Harpers Ferry preparations for May 8-9 arrival:
April 21, 1981
Harpers Ferry Memo
Kudos for
Virginia Coordinator for HikaNation
Reese F. Lukei, Jr.
2000 HikaNation
reunion photos/slides
May 2000
HikaNation Reunion photos
Received 11/13/2015 
Slides from HikaNation,
Virginia to the Atlantic Ocean
Reese's HikaNation Photos

An incomplete list of other contributions.

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