. Rich's HikaNation Photos

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Rich, somewhere in Nevada
Rich--somewhere in Nevada

0001 Hike With Us
0001--Hike With Us

0002 Monty Great Sand Dunes NM
0002--Monty--Great Sand Dunes, CO
0003 Montys Van
0003--Monty's Van
Rich Warnick's interactive map of the Utah route:
HikaNation 1980 Backpack Route - Utah
HikaNation Utah ArcGIS Online "story map"

0004 San Francisco
0004--San Francisco, California
0005 Mount Diablo
0005--Mount Diablo, California
0006 Montys Airstream Trailer
0006--Monty's Airstream Trailer
0008 Rescue California
0008--Rescue, California
0009 Rest Day Folsom California
0009--Rest Day--Folsom, California
0010 Kyburz California
0010--Kyburz, California
0011 Lovers Leap
0011--Lovers Leap
0012 Roger Monroe
0012--Roger Monroe
0013 Sierra Descent
0013--Sierra Descent
0014 Californiamping Behind Little Norway Motel
0014--Camping Behind Little Norway Motel
0015 Echo Summit
0015--Echo Summit, California
0016 Breakfast Stop 05-05-80
0016--Breakfast Stop--05-05-80
0017 Dressler Ranch
0017--Dressler Ranch
0018 Crossing South Californiarson River
0018--Crossing South Carson River
0019 AHS in Snow Upper Risue
0019--AHS in Snow, Upper Risue
0020 Morgans Place Risue Californianyon
0020--Morgans Place Risue Canyon
0021 Roads Morgan
0021--Roads Morgan
0022 Gulch Spring Nevada
0022--Gulch Spring, Nevada
0023 Hawthorne Nevada
0023--Hawthorne, Nevada
0024 Near Mina Nevada
0024--Near Mina, Nevada
0025 Deputy Sheriff Mina Nevada
0025--Deputy Sheriff--Mina, Nevada
0026 Humboldt National Forest
0026--Humboldt National Forest

0027 Rich W & John M Near Cherry Creek Nevada
0027--Rich W and John M
Near Cherry Creek, Nevada
0028 Battles Well Nevada Mike Dwight Dave and Don 05-19-80
0028--Mike, Dwight, Dave and Don
Battles Well, Nevada--05-19-80
0029 Dry Lake 05-20-80
0029--Dry Lake--05-20-80
0030 The Trail to Tonopah Nevada
0030--The Trail to Tonopah, Nevada
0031 Tonopah Nevada 05-23-80
0031--Tonopah, Nevada--05-23-80