Toni Martinazzi

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Rhonda Leber, Toni's daughter,
hiked across Utah with
Toni and HikaNation.
Jim Lambert's    version of above
art & toni

Mike Leber, Toni's son,
hiked in Colorado with
Toni and HikaNation.

1st blister
Toni's first blister---California.
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curious little girl
Toni posing with a curious little girl.

sierra nevada-s
In the Sierra Nevada
and we are going that a way...
wheelbarrow gear
We helped transport Jiamie's gear.
In Nevada
In Nevada

Holding a baby rattlesnake

breakfast in colorado
Breakfast in Colorado

50 Hours Alone In The Woods
by Toni Martinazzi
August 11, 1980
(heading to Rico, Colorado)

skull lake
50 hours alone
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50 Hours Alone In The Woods
by Toni Martinazzi

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