Marce Guerrein

Colorado -- 9/28/80

Oklahoma -- 11/15/80
Jean Pierre Chauteau Trail

HikaNation - A Handshake Across America
Hiking Trails for America - March 21, 2017

Paula Guerrein and Jim Kern discuss Marce Guerrein and HikaNation,
the American Discovery Trail, and promoting the needs for more hiking trails.

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"Blue Lakes Pass" with Marce Guerrein
Watercolors by Gudy Gaskill; provided by Paula Guerrein.

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The Hikers

Marce Guerrein, after HikaNation

Appalachian Trail Museum
Marceline Guerrein aka "Mountain Woman"
AT thru hiker 1982-1983

November 1982
March 1983
September 1983
April 1988


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