Backpacker magazine's HikaNation articles

Bill Kemsley, founder of Backpacker magazine and co-founder of the American Hiking Society,
promoted HikaNation in its development and covered HikaNation across the country with various
articles and editorials. This is a consolidated list of the articles which have previously been added
to The Progression of HikaNation. The Progression of HikaNation details the HikaNation journey
with various organizational memos, letters, newspaper and magazine articles.

These articles were obtained from various people with credits noted on individual webpages.

More contributions ( articles or photos,  etc. ) are always welcome: e-mail HikaNation.

Magazine Date Backpacker magazine articles:
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August 1978 The American Hiking Society, including
Hikers Needed to Hike Across the United States
December 1978 AHS Cross-Country Hike Postponed to 1980
December 1979
- January 1980
February-March 1980 Hiking's Big Opportunity
February-March 1980 President Carter's Commitment to Trails
by Arlyn Powell
June-July 1980 They're Off and Walking
June-July 1980 You're A Good Man, Jim Kern
August-September 1980 HikaNation Fever--It's Spreading
1981 Come Hike With Me
September 2000 Don't Rush Me. I'm Enjoying America
September 27, 2015 How about a Coast to Coast Hiking Trail?


Contributions to HikaNation
(Memos, newspaper articles, photos, etc.,)