The Organizers

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Opening Ceremonies

Jim Kern -- HikaNation Director

HikaNation was organized by Jim Kern, president of the American Hiking Society.
HikaNation was a 14-month cross-country backpacking trip starting at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California on April 12, 1980, and ending at Cape Henlopen, Delaware on May 27, 1981 after traversing over 4,286 miles and passing through 14 states and Washington, D.C.    Purposes for the hike included highlighting the need for more hiking trails across America and promoting hiking as a low-energy-consumption form of recreation which Jim Kern continues to promote with Hiking Trails for America.

The HikaNation Story from Jim Kern's "Trail Reflections"

Videos related to the origins of HikaNation:
April 2016 Interviews with Jim Kern by Paula Guerrein

The Hikers -- Jim Kern
La Junta, Colorado

Monty Montgomery -- On-Site HikaNation Coordinator

While each state had a HikaNation coordinator who planned the Route and some activities through the state, Monty Montgomery was the On-Site HikaNation Coordinator. Monty drove his van and airstream trailer parallel to the HikaNation Route and provided numerous functions, including, but not limited to: coordinating with state planners, advance scouting/altering of planned Route, meeting with locals & dignitaries & media, providing water/food/aid in desolate areas, transporting hikers to and from the hike, providing resupply trips to nearby towns, etc.

The HikaNation Route

The Hikers -- Monty Montgomery

Glenn Seaborg
California Coordinator

The California Route

The Hikers -- Glenn Seaborg
Mike McReynolds
San Francisco Bay Coordinator

The Hikers -- Mike McReynolds

Jeannie Harmon
California Pathfinder

The Hikers -- Jeannie Harmon
William Kemsley
Founder, Backpacker magazine

Backpacker magazine promoted HikaNation in its development and covered HikaNation across the country with various articles and editorials written by William Kemsley and others on the staff.


The Hikers -- William Kemsley

Jean Beam
Nevada Coordinator

The Nevada Route

The Hikers -- Jean Beam
Craig Evans
Executive Director,
American Hiking Society

The Hikers -- Craig Evans

Jerry Evans
Utah Coordinator

The Utah Route

The Hikers -- Jerry Evans
Al Frost
Dark Canyon Pathfinder

Rich's HikaNation Map - Utah 1980

The Hikers -- Al Frost

Gudy Gaskill
Colorado Coordinator

The Colorado Route

The Hikers -- Gudy Gaskill
HikaNation Hikers
The Steering Committees

"The steering committee members should expect to meet with Monty, state coordinators, pathfinders, and other members whenever necessary. They should be with the main group and should be prepared to answer questions about route, trail conditions, campsite locations, supplies, etc. They should also be prepared to preside at general meetings or make general announcements."

The Steering Committees webpage

Stan Adamson
Kansas Coordinator

The Kansas Route

The Hikers -- Stan Adamson

Robert Smith
Oklahoma Coordinator

The Oklahoma Route

The Hikers -- Robert Smith

James Brown
Arkansas Coordinator

The Arkansas Route

The Hikers -- James Brown
Tim Ernst
Arkansas Pathfinder - Coordinator

The Hikers -- Tim Ernst

Al Schneider
Missouri Coordinator

The Missouri Route

The Ozark Trail -
Why Isn't It Finished?

The Hikers -- Al Schneider

S.A. Larsen
Illinois Coordinator

The Illinois Route

The Hikers -- S.A. Larsen

Ron Keal and Douglas Billips
Kentucky Coordinators

The Kentucky Route

The Hikers -- Ron Keal

Reese Lukei, Jr.
Virginia Coordinator

The Virginia Route

Reese Lukei, Jr. was the Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland state coordinator.
Reese laid out the Route from Cumberland Gap, Kentucky to the Atlantic Ocean.

The Hikers -- Reese Lukei, Jr.

Virginia, A.T. and Shenandoah National Park coordination

Reese Lukei, Jr. was the Virginia HikaNation coordinator and contributed organizational correspondence concerning Kentucky, Virginia, Hollins College, Shenandoah National Park, etc., which can be accessed via this index, including the effort it took to navigate through the Shenandoah National Park.

The Shenandoah Project -- "Let Us In" shows the correspondence which enabled HikaNation to travel through the Shenandoah National Park, including the help from the people below:

Bob Proudman -- National Park Service: AT Project Office
Robert R. Jacobsen -- Shenandoah National Park Superintendent
Ed Page -- A.T. Conference HikaNation coordinator
William E. Hutchinson -- PATC Coordinator
Tom Floyd -- C&O Canal and Wahington, D.C. coordinator
Reese Lukei, Jr.
West Virginia Coordinator

The West Virginia Route

The Hikers -- Reese Lukei, Jr.
Ed Garvey
Harpers Ferry Coordinator

The Hikers -- Ed Garvey

Reese Lukei, Jr.
Maryland Coordinator

The Maryland Route

The Hikers -- Reese Lukei, Jr.
Ed Garvey
C&O Canal Pathfinder

The Hikers -- Ed Garvey

Washington, D.C. Coordinators
Tom Floyd and Jim Kern organized the celebration in Washington, D.C.

Tom Floyd was the Chairman of the HikaNation Arrival Committee.
Tom Floyd for The American Hiking Society -- HikaNation Arrival

Maryland Congresswoman Beverly Byron and New York Congressman Mario Biaggi organized the ceremony at the Capitol.
Ben McGimsey
Washington, D.C. Pathfinder

The Washington, D.C. Route

The Hikers -- Ben McGimsey

Carol Robertson -- Greenbelt to Chesapeake Bay Pathfinder

Ted Sanderson -- Chesapeake Bay to Eastern Shore Pathfinder

The Maryland Route

The Hikers -- Carol Robertson

The Hikers -- Ted Sanderson
Scott Marple
Chesapeake Bay Crossing Coordinator

Scott Marple, David Marple's father, coordinated our crossing of the Cheasapeake Bay via ferries provided by the Department of Natural Resources.

The Hikers -- Scott Marple

Damp Crossing

All aboard !! -- May 19, 1981

Padraic and Kay Boyle
Delaware Coordinators - Pathfinders

The Delaware Route

The Hikers -- Padraic Boyle
Charles Salkin
Delaware Pathfinder

The Hikers -- Charles Salkin

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