Jim Kern
HikaNation Director

Opening Ceremonies -- 4/12/1980
(photo by Rex Halfpenny)

Tim, Jim, Mike
somewhere in Virginia
(photo by Tim Geoghegan)

Videos related to the origins of HikaNation:
April 2016 Interviews with Jim Kern by Paula Guerrein

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James A. Kern

Founder, Florida Trail Association, 1966
Co-Founder, American Hiking Society, 1976
Director, HikaNation, 1980-81
Founding Publisher, American Hiker Magazine, 1988
Founder, Big City Mountaineers, 1989
President, Hiker's Grand Slam, 1998-2005
President, Kern Trekking & Travel, 1999-2005
Author, Trail Reflections, 50 Years of Hiking and Backpacking, 2011
Founder, Hiking Trails for America, 2013
Founder, Friends of the Florida Trail, 2014

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