The Steering Committees

From HikaNation Guidelines:
The primary responsibility of the steering committee is to be informed and to be available to inform others. The steering committee member should expect to meet with Monty, state coordinators, pathfinders, and other members whenever necessary. He or she should be with the main group and should be prepared to answer questions about route, trail conditions, campsite locations, supplies, etc. He or she should also be prepared to preside at general meetings or make general announcements. The steering committee member should be prepared to act as spokesperson for factions or individuals of the group, regarding complaints, suggestions or questions. The steering committee members should be prepared to make decisions for the group when it is impossible to take a general vote.

From HikaNation Fever--It's Spreading:
The Steering Committee keeps the rules rather loose. They meet every morning and sometimes again in the evening. Most of the problems discussed are personality problems.

The Steering Committee usually assigns one of its members to talk things over with the parties involved in a problem. Mostly, they try to catch problems before they get out of hand.

The idea is to have just enough government to keep things running smoothly. But not so much government that it takes the fun out of the hike.

The Steering Committee designates one member "the essential information disseminator". The task of the EID is to see that important information reaches all of the hikers--such as when they will be coming to a town where there's a grocery store or a laundry, changes in itinerary and news about route conditons (such as a major re-routing because high water made a particlar stream impassable).

Steering Committee route plan meeting
Monticello, Utah -- 9/2/1980
(photo by Rex Halfpenny)

  1. Mount Diablo to Strawberry Lodge, California
    Cindy Bain, Barry Rhodes, Bruce Ohlson, Don Linberg, John Mills

  2. Strawberry Lodge to Mina, Nevada
    Cindy Bain, Barry Rhodes, Rex Halfpenny, Bill O'Neil, Shellie Newell

  3. Mina to Warm Springs, Nevada
    Rex Halfpenny, Shellie Newell, Toni Martinazzi, Mike Collins, Bob Rowe

  4. Warm Springs to Zion, Utah
    Mike Collins, Bob Rowe, William Ewart, Marce Guerrein, Ben Lazarus

  5. Zion to Cow Puncher, Utah
    Marce Guerrein, Ben Lazarus, Gayle Rainbow, John Stout, Randy Blymire

  6. Cowpuncher to Gooseberry, Utah
    John Stout, Roxy Radomski, Bob Ronemus, Buch Henley, Mike Halm

  7. Gooseberry to Beaver Creek, Colorado
    Bob Ronemus, Butch Henley, Cindy Bain, Dwight Riggs, Ryan Bozis

  8. Beaver Creek to Dodge City, Kansas
    Ryan Bozis (resigned at La Junta), Linda Hull (resigned at La Junta),
    Cindy Bain, Dave Backus, Joe Shute

  9. Dodge City to Wagoner, Oklahoma
    Joe Shute, Dave Backus, Keith Wright, Ed Duschene, Stacey Waring

  10. Wagoner to Owls Bend, Missouri
    Ed Duschene, Stacey Waring, Donna Lovely, Sharon C., Tim Mingus

  11. Owls Bend to Mammoth Cave, Kentucky
    Donna Lovely, Tim Mingus, Jerry Benson, Cindy Bain, Tim Geoghegan

  12. Mammoth Cave to Hollins College, Virginia
    Cindy Bain, Jerry Benson, Buch Henley, Tim Ernst, Dave Backus

  13. Hollins College to Camp Woodlands, Maryland
    Butch Henley, Shellie Newell, Dave Marple, Gayle Fisher, Linda Stoneman

  14. Camp Woodlands to Cape Henlopen, Delaware
    Terry Ernst, spokesperson

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