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HikaNation Hikers' Obituaries
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John Stout John Stout, 1912-1988
Wayne Phillips Wayne Phillips, 1925-1988

  Facebook obituary
Dr. Glenn Seaborg Dr. Glenn Seaborg, 1912-1999

  New York Times.com

Helen Stout Helen Stout, 1911-1999

Alfred Frost C. Alfred Frost, 1914-2001


  Oral History of Life in Utah
Monty Montgomery Monty Montgomery, 1917-2004

Howard Gilby Howard Gilby, 1964-2004

Randy Blymire Randy Blymire, 1954-2005

  York Daily Record
Phil Atkins Phil Atkins, 1954-2006


  Canopy Frame Patent
Bruce Dolinac Bruce Dolinac, 1955-2006

Helen Seaborg Helen Seaborg, 1917-2006


  Lawrence Berkeley Lab.gov
Joe Shute Joe Shute, 1929-2008


  In Loving Memory
Donna Lovely Donna Lovely, 1940-2010

John Olmsted John Olmsted, 1938-2011

  LA Times.com

  The Union.com

  My Father, Who Art in Nature:
  photo & IMDB movie link
Billie Joe Taylor Tatum, 1932-2012


Marce Guerrein Marce Guerrein, 1922-2012



  Marce, after HikaNation
Susan Butch Henley Susan "Butch" Henley, 1932-2014

  American Hiking.org


  In Memoriam
Gudy Gaskill, 1927-2016

  Gudy Gaskill - in memory

  The Durango Herald

  The Colorado Trail Foundation
Rhonda Leber, 1964-2017

  Oregonlive.com (& a screenshot)

  From her mother, Toni Martinazzi

Shellie Newell, 1952-2018

   Facebook notice - 1/11/2018


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Bill O'NealBill O'Neal
Joe GreenJoe Green

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