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Ben Lazarus

Dave Backus, "Kelty Mike" Collins, Dwight Riggs

Philippe Vermeyen

Rex Halfpenny

Sharon Chrostowski

Toni Martinazzi

Monty Montgomery

Dave Marple

Jeannie Harmon

Mike Halm

Dwight Riggs

Shellie Newell

"Energy Ed" Duschene

Lyle Bialk

"Walking Bob" Rowe

Shellie Newell & Janet Parsons

Janet Parsons

Phil Atkins

Shellie Newell

Jerry Benson

Dwight Riggs

John Stout

Tisha Butcher

David Chernow

Howard Gilby

Joe Shute

Monty Montgomery

Shellie Newell

Susan "Butch" Henley