Just before Strawberry Lodge in California there was a rock outcrop.
Some of us spent the night here. The title picture is of Scott on this rock.

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In the Beginning.....

The Sutra Baths, San Francisco

Mt. Diablo, California
This is how we hiked in the begining - in a line.
Didn't take too long for us to break that habit!

Scott outside of Zion National Park

We often stopped to talk to the natives.
This is a group of students from the elementary school in Mina, Nevada.

a tree on a mountain beside Mina, Nevada

Whenever possible, we camped beneath a rainbow.
We did, however, have a problem with some hikers not carrying out the remains of their meals!

Scott enjoying the view in the Rocky Mountains

Many years later, we had a reunion at Cape Henlopen

A group of us at the Cape Henlopen reunion:
Tim, Dave, Janet, Shelly, Randy, Joe and Rob

In May of 2000, we had our 20th reunion at Cumberland Falls, Ky

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