HikaNation Surveys

Briones Park, California Foot condition survey April 14, 1980 - Day 3
Ron White Ranch, California Amount of prep hiking April 15, 1980 - Day 4
Mt. Diablosummit, California Age & sex of hikers April 16, 1980 - Day 5
Cherry Creek Campground, Nevada   Previous hiking experience June 3, 1980 - Day 53
Somerset Armory, Kentucky A.T. - D.C. Survey February 23, 1981 - Day 318
Estes Park, Colorado (discussion) HikaNation Reflections 2015 - 35 Years After the Hike

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3 surveys
Surveys above conducted by Bruce Ohlson
and retreived/transposed from William Ewart's journals.
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previous hiking experience
Survey conducted by William Ewart.
Source material retreived/transposed from William Ewart's journal.
Original survey material is below:
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Bruce Ohlson's HikaNation  A.T. - D.C.  Survey
Somerset Armory, Kentucky
February 23, 1981 - Day 318
3 surveys
Survey above conducted by Bruce Ohlson
and scanned from Bruce Ohlson's 3rd Scrapbook Album Scans.
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reflections logo
(click image for HikaNation Reflections webpage)

HikaNation Reflections survey developed by Paula Guerrein.
Survey responses were transposed by Tish Butcher.
Survey answers were discussed at
35th Anniversary HikaNation Reunion
September 18-20, 2015
Marys Lake, Estes Park, Colorado

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