The Saloon Door Story by Jim Kern
August 22, 1980

(published January 15, 2016)

The article above was originally published on
The Hiking Trails of America and The Friends Of The Florida Trail
by James A. Kern, January 15, 2016.

James A. Kern

Founder, Florida Trail Association, 1966
Co-Founder, American Hiking Society, 1976
Director, HikaNation, 1980-81
Founding Publisher, American Hiker Magazine, 1988
Founder, Big City Mountaineers, 1989
President, Hiker's Grand Slam, 1998-2005
President, Kern Trekking & Travel, 1999-2005
Author, Trail Reflections, 50 Years of Hiking and Backpacking, 2011
Founder, Hiking Trails for America, 2013
Founder, Friends of the Florida Trail, 2014

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