Memorandum #3 - April 1979
HikaNation State Route Planners

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Article provided by Paula and Marce Guerrein.

Article provided by David & Gudy Gaskill.

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James A. Kern, Monty Montgomery, Hike Coordinator,
Dr. S.A. Larsen, Shawnee National Forest, Craig Evans,
Glenn Seaborg, Jean Beam, Gudy Gaskill, Tom Creider,
James Brown, Al Schneider, Ron Keal, Ed Garvey,
State Hike Planners, Hike-in, Steve Doyle, Hike Supporter
Glenn Seaborg, Jean Beam, Gerald Evans, Gudrun Gaskill, Stan Adamson, Robert Smith, James Brown, Al Schneider, S.A. Larsen, Doug Billits, Doug Billips, Ed Garvey