Hik-A-Nation. Leg 1; Sierra Nevada Mountains (r02) -- 9:29

Marce Guerrein's HikaNation Journal entry
From a rest day in Strawberry, California

May 2, 1980

We look forward to days of rest. We usually take a shower, sometimes hot, mostly cold. We repack our supplies and go over our boots and clothes for mending. We also bring our journals up-to-date. Since we are especially busy on trails, we fall behind.

Today John Olmsted asked me if I would accompany him and his camera crew for the shooting of some scenes. Besides myself were Pete, Peter, Dennis and Rob (in the wheelchair). We looked at the snow in the mountains, smelled the bark of the giant Jasper pines, crossed rivers. It was fun and not taxing. John is developing an hour-long documentary for PBS. He and his wife, Sally, are special people hoping to establish trails for the handicapped. Today we were using trails that wheelchairs could navigate. John says we are in a special place in California.

California is like a bathtub and this ring of trees is composed of the giant sugar cone and Jasper pines. John Olmsted is an interesting person to be around because he is a learned man in rock formations, trees, shrubs and flowers, and places everything in periods of history.