HikaNation, Part 2 (r02) -- 24:20

Marce Guerrein's HikaNation Journal entry
After crossing the Mississippi River, Missouri into Illinois

January 21, 1981

Foggy and damp, rain has stopped, trail muddy, mileage 2,955.

Meeting tonight - decide to take a rest day and accept invitation of YCC to use a recreational center of theirs, watch Super Bowl, swim, play basketball, have dinner and breakfast on them. They will pick us up and return us to camp at Epworth. They really want us to come!!

Monty in trouble again - heard he needed something like trailer hitch to be welded. He parked the trailer in a place that annoyed a local citizen, the citizen threatened to haul trailer away. I wonder if he sometimes does not weary of all the problems - big and little, and oh so many little ones. John and Sally Olmstead are with us again to shoot film. They come whenever they can -- this last time crossing the Mississippi. They have been most faithful. They showed some of their film to us.