HikaNation, Part 1 (r01) -- 51:42

Marce Guerrein's HikaNation Journal entry
Cathedral Gorge, Nevada

June 13, 1980

I failed to mention that Jeannie H. and I were interviewed for 15 minutes by a camera crew I referenced once before while in California. We were perched on an overlook of Cathedral Gorge, Nevada. The interest is keen by this team for they are working for trails for the handicapped.

Clark is of keen mind. He is filled with knowledge of historical sites and is sharp- eyed for locating special areas for filming. Fred's expertise is in the handling of the camera. A $10,000 camera was rented for the day of filming on the eastern side of Nevada. Someone named Jean was on sound. He has a dozen or so buttons he played with like an accordion --- catching low notes and subduing high ones. Trevor was the interviewer and director. I guess you would say John Olmsted was the producer. He secures the monies.

We are treated to dinner for our contribution. That was two dinners for each of us. Earlier I had eaten a Gorge Burger (double burger) on giant roll, fries, small salad, coffee and extra large softie plus coconut pie. Three hours later it is chicken, home fries, green beans, tossed salad and more coffee. I was not a bit uncomfortable. And I sleep like a log.

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Top-row left photo by Marce GuerreinOther photos by William Ewart