Hik-A-Nation -- 27:50

Marce Guerrein's HikaNation Journal entry
Appalachian Trail, Virginia

April 30, 1981

Stayed last night on Stony Face Mountain. It was raining when I awakened. Was expecting it. When there came a lull, we snatched down the tents and made a dash down the path until hitting the Parkway. Got to Panorama about 12:30, 9 miles down the road. Had a chicken dinner, etc. Ran into John Olmsted, the one making the movie of our trek. He got Frank and me on the trail of dogwoods leaving Panorama. Good to see him again.

We hiked to Byrd's Nest #4. What a good deal that was. It started to rain just ahead of 5pm. It is pouring. We could not be cozier - for backpackers. This shelter is one of two that I've seen with a fireplace inside. The shelters, you understand, are three-sided, so we never are "overheated". You can't imagine how warm it is to just be close to the fire and know the roof is solid. If I had to live this way, if I had to take a vacation like this, I suppose I would complain all the night. When it is all voluntary, it spells f-u-n. Of course, not all the women I know would think this is the bananas anyway. But for us three, Dave M. came dripping in, we love it.

Because I will continue tomorrow for my sake, I hope the sun is shining.