HikaNation Journal #1
by Toni Martinazzi
April 9, 1980 - May 9, 1980

Toni's first journal begins on April 9, 1980 as she leaves Portland, Oregon
to join up with HikaNation in San Francisco, California. It covers her journey
with HikaNation through California and the journal ends after crossing into Nevada
even though Toni continued on with HikaNation to the conclusion at the Atlantic Ocean.

Click on the left image below for Toni's Journal #1 (in pdf format).

Toni's submission also included the text of the article below.
The combined article and journal, in pdf format, can be seen here.
The article alone, in pdf format, can be seen here.

Click onto the images below for larger versions of the news article.

"Cross-country hike
40 hearty souls' coast-to-coast feat"
is also located here.

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