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July 15, 2015
Updated information for the reunion

Above schedule in
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(Contact Janet or William if any of the information is incorrect or changes.)
From Janet, February 20, 2015:

Doug and I plan to leave my place (Chicago/Des Plaines, if more come we can rent a van- Doug is checking into that) Saturday morning (Sept 12) arriving early Monday (Sept 14) at Estes Park, Colorado. This will allow us to drop hikers off on the trail head and drive their cars to Mary's Lake House.

Doug and I have a room at Mary's Lake Lodge Mon-Wed giving us time to enjoy Estes Park. Thursday at 3:00, if not earlier, the house is ours.

There are 10 in the house currently, but we will bring air mattresses for 2 more.

House people are Janet, Doug, Lyle, Ed, Paula, Cindy, Rip, Scott, Tim, and Kelty Mike (aprox 189.00- 200.00 each for 3 nights).

Tish, Sharon,Toni, Gayle in a condo.

Other confirmed attendees:
Al S. & wife, Bill K., Jim K. & Mary M., Gudy G., Rich W. & wife, Jim L., Ryan B. and wife, Stan and Clare A., Paul P. & Sharon C.

Maybe: Shellie, Stacy, William (highly doubtful but hoping to win the lottery for travel funds), others

Still working on Dave B, David M, and Gomer to see if they are coming.

Confirmed No: Resee, Keith and Linda, Marika


(updated 09/14/2015)

Janet, Doug, Lyle, Ed, Paula,

Cindy, Rip, Scott, Tim G., Kelty Mike,

David, Tish, Sharon, Toni, Gayle,

Al & wife, Bill K., Jim K., Mary M.,

Gudy, Rich & wife, Jim L., Stacey,

Ryan & Kathleen, Stan & Clare,

Nathan, William, Terry & Marsha,

Gomer, Jiamie


Shellie, David M., Dave B.

Unable to attend

Reese, Marika, Keith & Linda, Kurt,

Robert A., Paul P., Sharon C.,

Pete McIntyre

Driving Directions

Driving directions in pdf format
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